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Expert Canada Immigration Services is the immigration specialist for people migrating to Canada. ECIS is committed to provide excellent and affordable consultancy to the people who aim to settle in Canada. ECIS is a Licensed Immigration firm licensed from the Govt of Canada. ECIS is owned and managed by Mr.Rachpal Singh Gill, Nancy Gill and Jaspreet Gill. We provide consultancy services on permanent residency visa options to Skilled Workers, Family Class applicants, Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-employed. At ECIS, we try our best to stay ahead of developments in immigration sector; it's what keeps us at the forefront of our business. As a result, we always have something to offer to our clients in ever changing immigration categories.


The Federal Skilled Worker class requires applicants to obtain sufficient points based on education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, age, Arranged employment, and adaptability. At present, applicants must obtain a minimum of 67 points and have a minimum of one year continuous full-time (or equivalent) qualifying work experience within the past 10 years.


The Government of Canada developed the Canadian Business Immigration Program to facilitate the arrival of experienced business people to Canada. This includes entrepreneurs, self-employed immigrants and investors. The first two classes have business experience and minimum net worth requirements, while the third class requires cultural, athletic or agricultural experience.


Persons who immigrate to Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program have the skills, education and work experience needed to make an immediate economic contribution to the province or territory that nominates them. They are ready to establish themselves successfully as permanent residents in Canada and express to settle mainly in the province they use for immigration.


This class is for those families who want to unite with their loved ones .Depends on the eligible relationship to the sponsor  that will sponsor the relative of the sponsor. The basic requirements to qualify for sponsorship are -person must be a  Canadian citizen or permanent resident, be at least 18 years of age, reside in Canada, and have sufficient income to support  their relatives once they arrive in Canada. To fasten your family immigration contact us for valuable tips.

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