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Surface Finish HASLSMG Global uses PCB finishing processes to protect exposed copper circuitry. We offer customized panel sizes with finished copper thicknesses available from 1 oz. to 5 oz., and minimum conductor space and width of 0.004”. We provide a variety of different material coatings to overlay these copper circuits. Learn more about our wide selection!


Our standard product finishes remain a popular circuit board choice amongst customers. Explore our material selection and discover which option best suits your PCB finishing process needs!


Tin/Lead HASL is a widely available surface finish that reduces costs while also being easily repairable.


Lead-free HASL is an optimal choice for many customers because it meets RoHS standards. Moreover, this option is also low-cost and has a long shelf life.


ENIG is a long-lasting coating material. It might be the right PCB finishing process material for you if your project requires plated through holes.


Immersion Silver is an excellent alternative to ENIG during the PCB finishing process. This material is RoHS compliant while also being quite cost-effective.


This durable material is used during PCB finishing processes when high-wear circuit boards are involved.


Beyond standard product finishing, SMG Global offers alternative surface coatings for our printed circuit boards. 


This alternative surface finish is organically produced, making it an eco-friendly and non-lead choice for our customers’ printed circuit boards.


Immersion White Tin can be processed with great flexibility to produce flat and uniform surfaces.


While full body hard gold is not commonly used in PCB finishing processes, it works as a lead-free option and provides a durable and long-lasting surface for your printed circuit boards.


SMG Global provides solder mask and silk screen options in addition to our PCB surface finishing processes. Our primary choices are Solder Mask Over Bare Copper (SMOBC) and LPI Solder Mask & Silk Screen. These choices come in a variety of custom colors and variations. Our minimum Solder Mask Pad Clearance is 6 mil, and our minimum Solder Mask Dam is  3 mil. We look forward to meeting your needs with all of our PCB finishing process options!

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