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Internal cavity drilling is an increasingly popular solution for PCB requirements where the circuit board requires depth-controlled cut-outs inside the PCB.


SMG invests in high-quality drilling machines to produce excellent internal cavity drilling results. All of our PCB drilling machines are programmed to stop after 2500 hits for double-sided PCB, 1000 hits for multi-layer PCB and every 500 hits on Teflon material for tool change. This programming ensures that our customers never receive products with rough holes.


SMG further guarantees quality through our team’s dedicated attention to detail. We avoid incorrect hole diameters by measuring hole sizes after drilling each first load and taking drill bit measurements after usage.  Our team never misses a hole during production either, utilizing overlaid artwork after each first load, as well as hole coupon verification. Additionally, bottom panel verification for each load and spindle height verification at the end of each shift are two of the ways SMG eliminates the risk of not-through holes.


There are notable advantages to choosing SMG for your internal cavity drilling, especially when using our top-quality drilling machine:


Our internal cavity drilling machine speeds up the PCB fabrication process, while still never compromising on the quality that our customers have come to expect from SMG. This optimized speed of production does not just save you time—by cutting down on production time, we are able to simultaneously cut down on costs that customers face. Our team is constantly conducting research to further streamline the PCB drilling process, so when you choose to work with SMG, you can be confident that you are benefitting from the latest value-adding innovations in the industry.


SMG invests in numerous quality assurance systems, as we value a high standard of operation. Our internal cavity drilling services, along with the rest of the SMG operation, meet the latest ISO standards as a result. It is important to invest in a PCB manufacturer that prioritizes quality because when internal cavity drilling is done by a less experienced company, PCB boards may suffer breakages and hinder your operations.


At  SMG, we work hard so that our customers receive quality PCBs every single time, which is why we can confidently offer our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any re-work or replacement board is necessary, it will be handled immediately. We do everything in our power to keep our customers’ production lines running. For critical orders, SMG Global will ship replacement products as quickly as 24 hrs.

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