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SMG Global offers highly precise fine line and spacing services to our customers. Our mission is to achieve total customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and delivering defect-free and quality products, which is why we prioritize performing capabilities such as fine line and spacing excellently. We are committed to delivering these highest quality products on time at competitive prices. Our facilities, technologies, advanced systems and people all reflect this ongoing commitment to our customers and to ourselves.


Lines and spacing are the customer requirements of how close two lines ought to be and how small a line should be in the circuit board. Lowering the line and spacing number means higher complexity and smaller PCB size.


Since increasing line density on a circuit board allows for smaller circuit boards, there is no limit to the use of fine lines and spacing. The smallest circuit width and spacing we offer is 4 mils. From telecommunications to the automotive industry, our products are able to fit into the space-efficient products you design.

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