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Controlled ImpedanceSMG Global offers an array of delivery options for every customer’s individual needs. Whether you are in need of quick, premium delivery or require an overseas shipment, SMG Global has you covered.

  • Single & Double Side Delivery – 10-12 Business Days
  • Multi-layer Delivery – 15-17 Business Days
  • Overseas Volume Production Delivery – 3-4 Weeks
  • Premium Delivery 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours & 5 Business Days


SMG Global utilizes a PCB Job Traveler System software to provide customers with product updates from the start of production all the way through the delivery process. This software is used for contact management, quoting orders, order entry, engineering, traveler generation, job scheduling, quality, shipping, accounting and ISO requirements. As a result, SMG Global is able to provide you with real-time order statuses!


With our 99%+ on-time delivery record, SMG Global has developed excellent customer relationships and satisfaction. Our primary goal is to maintain a robust quality system that emphasizes defect prevention and reduction of waste in the supply chain. Ultimately, our way of conducting business benefits the customer by streamlining service, which allows for even quicker delivery rates.

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