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Our advanced manufacturing technology dissipates heat from circuit areas through dielectric and aluminium bases for use in LEDs, RF products, automotive applications and many more.


For many applications, PCB traces are not just a connection, rather they act as a high-frequency transmission line. SMG Global ensures that the signals are not degraded as they route along the lines of PCB by controlling impedance of the circuits.


By using the via-in-pad technique, SMG Global increases the density of the PCB without increasing the size of the PCB. If saving space is the priority, then via in pad is the best option to include in your PCB.


SMG Global uses PCB edge plating to improve overall current-carrying capabilities of the board and provides edge connection as well as protection at the edge.


SMG Global uses blind and buried vias when PCB space is compact or when working with tight through-hole constraints


SMG Global uses surface finishes to form critical interfaces between the component and the PCB. Surface finish requires great solderability and to protect exposed copper circuitry.


SMG Global manufactures multilayer circuit boards that contain conductive inner layers sandwiched together with fiberglass insulation. Our products achieve high-assembly density, smaller sizes and they easily incorporate controlled impedance features into PCB.


SMG Global uses a circuit board drilling machine to create internal cavity drilling for PCBs that require more depth. Cavity is an increasingly popular solution where circuit boards require depth-controlled cut-outs inside the PCB.

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